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Parker Service Junior 0-300 Bar (4000psi)  £60+vat

Hydraulic Service Junior Kit

The Service Junior pressure kit from Parker is an easy to use, affordable digital pressure gauge that offers excellent performance and durability. The back lit display with bar graph and 4 digits is easy to read and easy operation.

Parker Senso Control Kit  0-100 Bar (1450psi)  £60+vat

Diagnostics – A Wise Investment

When time is money… In today’s “Lean” environment there is more emphasis put on increased production and
reduced downtime than ever before. You can’t afford to have your equipment sitting idle. Momentary pressure
spikes and flow surges that are not recognised by other conventional mechanical measuring devices
can unexpectedly destroy both components and systems.
An ounce of prevention… Diagnosing a problem before it occurs should be your primary objective. Whether it is
a piece of mobile construction equipment, or an automated industrial assembly machine, lost production is lost
profits. The basic prescription for system maintenance is prevention.
Hydraulic and pneumatic… Parker’s SensoControl product line is a valuable tool for diagnosing problems
both before and after they occur. Today’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems are continuously becoming more
sophisticated. Being able to identify critical information for optimising machine efficiencies is a necessity.

£60.00 Ex. Vat

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