Hose Kitting & OEM Line Side Support Service.

Fluiconnecto UK Ltd hose kitting & OEM Line Side Support offers quality hydraulic hose kits and parts, assembled in the UK, and delivered direct to line side kitted, tested bagged & tagged.

Our kits are made from high quality Italian manufactured hose & fittings, assembled by highly trained, certified engineers, and come with a 1-year warranty giving our customers complete peace of mind.

If you’re currently purchasing Hose assemblies or loose Hydraulic fittings get in touch for competitive costs & quality parts.

Key Contacts.

Luke Rumford, Sales & Business Development.

T: 0800 6335233 Option 2.       E: luker@mendahose.co.uk

John Rumford, Sales Manager.

T: 0800 633 5233 Option 2.    E: johnr@mendahose.co.uk